Permit Class

We offer the permit class at our Simpsonville SC location only.

The cost is $140.

Class is held on the Saturdays that we hold the DriversEd class there during the day, normally twice a month. See our class schedule for dates.

(if there is an 8hr class at that location during the day – then there will be a permit class after that 8hr class at 6pm)

(no 8hr class = no permit class)

Class starts at 6pm.

Our instructor will train the student on all the material covered by the test, then go ahead and test the student. If the student passes the test they will be supplied the needed paperwork so that they can go to the dmv to collect their permit.

Class normally takes 2hrs but could be longer depending on the number of students attending.

There are no appointments, it is walk-in only.

You will need:

  • The $140 fee in cash
  • A Form of identification

Get there between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm, go to the conference room in the Simpsonville Quality Inn – our staff will enroll you and go ahead and train and test you.

Quality Inn Simpsonville